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Royal Air Force Beach Units

What's New

There is now a Facebook page with the title “RAF Beach Units History”. This will be used to post news, and promote further interest in the RAF Beach Units website and related subjects.

December 2016

A new page about Exercise “ROUNDABOUT” has been added.
The early history of No. 104 R.A.F. Beach Flight has been added (when it was No. 77 R.A.F. Beach Unit and then No. 104 R.A.F. Beach Section).
A more detailed account of No. 3 R.A.F. Beach Squadron has been given.
The account of the R.A.F. Component of No. 34 Beach Brick has been revised and expanded, with a second photograph added.

July 2016

The pages about No. 1 R.A.F. Beach Squadron and No. 101 R.A.F. Beach Flight have been revised in the light of further research into the location of headquarters and more photographs have been added.

March 2016

A page has been added about Edward McMahon, who was a member of No. 68 R.A.F. Beach Unit, using information kindly provided by his son. This can be accessed via the Personal Stories page. There has also been some revision of the page about Nos. 68 and 69 R.A.F. Beach Units.

January 2016
The pages about the various R.A.F. Components of Middle East Beach Bricks have been revised and a more detailed account of the R.A.F. Component of 31 Beach Brick has been provided. A photograph has been added to the Operation AVALANCHE page.November 2015
This month’s release introduces a new page about the Signals Section of No. 4 R.A.F. Beach Squadron in Operation OVERLORD. Photographs have been added to the pages about Nos. 1 and 2 R.A.F. Auxiliary Embarkation Units and No. 6 R.A.F. Beach Unit. There is an additional photograph in the page about John H Fenton and there are various corrections and improvements concerning typography, attribution and links.

October 2015
A page about R. A. Sandison, commander of No. 103 R.A.F. Beach Flight has been added, using information kindly provided by his son. This can be accessed via the Personal Stories page or through links where his name in mentioned on other pages.

September 2015
Photographs have been added to the Operation BAYTOWN and Operation OVERLORD pages.

February 2015
The seven official photographs featuring No. 107 R.A.F. Beach Flight in Normandy are now displayed.
The Personal Stories now include what we know about Acting Flight Sergeant H. C. Fry of No. 101 R.A.F. Beach Flight.

January 2015
Information about the formation of the first U.K. beach units has been added in the page UK Beach Units, Spring 1943. This links through to the pages covering UK Beach Units, late 1943 to early 1944 and 2nd T.A.F. Beach Squadrons, forming a chronological overview of the U.K. beach units

December 2014
New pages have been added about the Mediterranean Beach Units (November 1943 to October 1944), about No. 5 R.A.F. Beach Unit and about its constituent sections, No. 109 Beach Section, No. 110 Beach Section and No. 111 Beach Section.

November 2014

The RAF Beach Units website has been rebuilt and republished using an upgraded version of software. This should make it a little easier for me to maintain. The website is essentially the same as it was, though there has been some revision of original content and some brand new content has been added.

There are new pages covering the development of beach units in India and South East Asia, No. 6 Beach Unit and Nos. 68 & 69 Beach Units. The Personal Stories are now presented in a more consistent way and for the first time John Fenton's full account of his beach unit experiences can be read.

I would be happy to be advised of any typographical errors, or problems with the layout or display of pages and of course, I am always glad to hear from anyone interested in the subject.

Best wishes

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