Exercises Involving R.A.F. Beach Units

The following is a list of Second World War Combined Operations exercises in which R.A.F. beach units were involved, with links to information (where available).

JANTZENJuly/August 1943South Wales
PIRATEOctober 1943Studland Bay, Dorset
ROUNDABOUT Dec. 1943 – April 1944Leith/Gullane
SMASHvarious in 1944Burghead & Studland Bay
GRABJanuary 1944Burghead
CROPPERMarch/April 1944Bracklesham Bay
LEAPYEARMarch 1944Burghead
GOLDBRAIDlate March 1944Bracklesham Bay
TROUSERSApril 1944Slapton Sands, Devon
FABIUSMay 1944Southern England