32 Beach Brick

No. 32 Beach Brick, R.A.F. Component

Apparently there is no Operations Record Book available for the R.A.F. Component of 32 Beach Brick. However there is evidence that there was an R.A.F. Component in 32 Beach Brick because the Operations Record Book of No. 4 R.A.F. Beach Squadron records that 32 Beach Brick was amongst the units from which 4 Beach Squadron personnel originated.

The infantry battalion in 32 Beach Brick was 2nd Battalion, The Highland Light Infantry. For Operation HUSKY, 32 Beach Brick landed in Sicily with the 5th Infantry Division near Cassibile, south of Syracuse, on Beaches 45 and 46. The 5th Infantry Division was part of the 8th Army’s 13 Corps and 32 Beach Brick landed with them again in Calabria in Operation BAYTOWN.