Operations in which R.A.F. Beach Units were Involved

The following is a list of Second World War Combined Operations (i.e. amphibious assault operations)  in which R.A.F. beach units were involved. The list is in chronological order and each entry provides a link to further information, where available.

HUSKY10th July 1943Sicily
BAYTOWN3rd September 1943Reggio, Italy
AVALANCHE9th September 1943Salerno, Italy
OVERLORD6th June 1944Normandy, France
DRAGOON (ANVIL)15th August 1944South of France
TALON3rd January 1945Akyab, Burma
MATADOR21st January 1945Ramree Island, Burma
DRACULA2nd May 1945Rangoon, Burma
ZIPPER9th September 1945Malaya